Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hold on to your IBL memorabilia...

...since there might not be a season two?

At least according to rumors reported by journalist Elli Wohlgelernter.

No matter. I've got enough stats to keep me busy for a while.

But I'd love to have another season to look forward to!


Jesse said...

I played for Ra'anana this past year and just want to commend you on this site. As a person, player, and fan interested in the numbers behind the numbers, this stuff is fascinating. I'm going to post this site in our league forum. Keep up the good work.

iblemetrician said...


Glad you like the site! I've certainly enjoyed creating it.

I'm adding you to the player blogs, if you don't mind.

Gary said...

I dont get it.. why is it that people who loved the season so much have not supported and commended the league more instead you simply hand wring and say... there may not be another season! But I love these statistics by the way, keep it up please!

iblemetrician said...


I'm not sure what you think I should be doing. I'm just a fan. I have no connection to the league and can't imagine what I could do to change the situation.

I certainly support and commend the league for everything they've accomplished, as you can see from my end-of-season comments here. I don't count myself among the league's critics, but at the same serious mistakes were clearly made and they need to be rectified.

I'd love to see the people involved with this league work together to fix what needs to be fixed and come back next season with an improved product. If you think there's something I can do to help that happen, I'm all ears.