Wednesday, October 31, 2007

IBL 2007 stolen base leaders

As long as we've been discussing stolen bases, let's glance at the 2007 leaders.

A total of 457 bases were stolen in the entire season. Of them, 314 were taken by the 20 leaders in this chart:

Now let's look at them again, this time emphasizing pure base stealing ability. The next chart is sorted in order of stolen bases per times on base; that is, SB / (H + BB + HBP - HR). It indicates how often a player stole a base given the number of opportunities he had to do so. (The cutoff point for the chart was 80 plate appearances.)

Mike Lyons of Bet Shemesh not only led the league with 32 steals, leaving Netanya's Josh Doane in the dust with 25, but he was in a class of his own in terms of basestealing frequency, stealing on average over 71% of his times on base. That's 46% more often than #2 John Toussas of Raanana, and over four times as high as the IBL league average of 16.5% (compare that with about 5% in the major leagues!). And Lyons was caught just 4 times, in 11% of his attempts.

I don't have any earthshattering conclusions here. Just the stats, ma'am.

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