Friday, November 16, 2007

The beginning of the end?

Israel Baseball League commissioner quits, board members follow

Reactions here, here, here.

Looks unlikely that the IBL can recover from this. A shame it should come to this due to organizational incompetence. Professional baseball in Israel never really had a chance, and it may now be a long time before someone tries again.

I'll keep working on the stats, because I enjoy it. But I'd rather have a season to look forward to.


Justin said...

That's a real shame. Hope they can survive it, but I'm sure you're probably right. I think the Australian league came and went in similar fashion some years ago, though I don't know any details...

Anonymous said...

June 22 2008 read my lips and be ever forgiven.
Those who hold on will be those who lead.

iblemetrician said...


Don't know who you are or what information you may have. I hope you're right. I suspect, though, you're falling prey to the "hope that springs eternal in the human breast" (to quote Casey at the Bat - itself paraphrasing Alexander Pope).