Tuesday, October 30, 2007

More on Rodriguez and Rees

As long as I was discussing Eladio Rodriguez and Jason Rees, I should have pointed out that they were also apparently effective fielders. I say apparently because the only fielding stat I currently have available is errors, and those are known to be only a partial reflection of fielding skill. Rees was charged with two errors over the season in this error-prone league, while Rodriguez, a catcher, was charged with one error and two passed balls. Since catcher is the most challenging defensive position after pitcher, that may give Eladio an edge in his career; catchers aren't expected to be good hitters too.

Also noteworthy is that neither player stood out for stealing bases. Rees was successful enough, stealing 14 (and caught twice), putting him in a four-way tie for ninth place and placing him eleventh for his rate of bases stolen per times on base.
Rodriguez, however, stole just one base the entire season.

So, IBL fans, remember where you stashed those autographed game balls, caps, programs, tickets and Burgers Bar hamburger wrappers. Maybe they'll be worth something some day. Maybe.

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