Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Eladio Yanked

After being signed by the Yankees last autumn, only to be bounced around among the Yanks' various minor league affiliate teams depending on which other catchers were injured, IBL star Eladio Rodriguez has finally been let go.

Eladio, affectionately if unimaginatively known by fans as E-Rod, didn't rack up the greatest batting stats with the Yankees clubs. Then again, with just 45 at-bats among three teams, it may not be fair to judge him.

Rodriguez expressed his frustration in an interview with fan blogger Mike Ashmore:

Eladio Rodriguez - Is bouncing around among levels with limited playing time tough to deal with, or do you get to work on things and stay motivated? How do you see your future in the game?

“It’s very different. Sometimes, I feel bad because they say to play in Tampa or play in Trenton or play here or there. But where the Yankees need my services, I’m going. It’s hard, but I understand the situation. It’s very difficult for me, because I want to play. But when I get my chance, I play hard.”

Hopefully he'll get that chance with the other AL team he claims he's been talking to. Another Yankees minor league blogger thinks he will.

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