Thursday, September 6, 2007

Home run leaders, broken down by field

As requested in the comments, here are the IBL's leading home run hitters, with their home runs and at bats broken down by ballpark. I've included everyone with at least five home runs for the season.

I don't have much to say about this. The dominance of Gezer, and of Gezer-based hitters, in the standings is plain to see. Just four of the fourteen home run leaders (Ramirez, Crotin, Doane, Field) were from teams other than Bet Shemesh and Modiin.

As a rough estimate of the Gezer effect, imagine cutting all the Gezer home run bars in half on the first chart. The same players still lead the list, but they're not nearly as dominant.


Anonymous said...

wow thanks for the quick post...just out of curiosity do you know how many HR Derby's there were in the inaugural season?

iblemetrician said...

Like I said, I was already working on it.

How many derbies? A quick file search turns up eight:

June 26, Modiin (L) @ Raanana (W)
July 2, Petach Tikva (L) @ Bet Shemesh (W)
July 12, Bet Shemesh (W) @ Raanana (L)
July 13, Netanya (L) @ Petach Tikva (W)
July 17, Modiin (W) @ Petach Tikva (L)
July 31, Raanana (W) @ Tel Aviv (L)
August 6, Raanana (L) @ Modiin (W)
August 8, Bet Shemesh (L) @ Modiin (W)

That's about 6.5% of games.

Soccer Dad said...

There's something nice about seeing a list of top home run hitters that includes names like Litvack and Levin along with Ramirez and Rodriguez.