Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ari Alexenberg, pitcher and iblemetrician

If you poke around Ari Alexenberg's blog, you'll find I'm not the first iblemetrician.

Ari, a 46-year-old pitcher for the Petach Tikva Pioneers, has also been a pioneer in analyzing IBL statistics. Way back in April he was already tabulating the vital stats of the IBL's players: heights, weights and ages, along with their favorite foods and movies.

On August 2, five weeks into the season, Ari analyzed the league's error rates, performance by nationality, and pitcher control levels.

After the season ended, Ari made an impassioned argument, backed up with stats, that the MVP pitcher award should have gone to Aaron Pribble, not (or along with) Juan Feliciano.

Read the rest of his blog. Other gems include aerial photos of the league's three fields and a consideration of the impact of the home run derby.

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